A 10kW solar systems is one of the most economical and environment friendly investment for Australian Businesses and homes to offset high costs of large energy bills. A 10kW solar system is a great option for a Small Businesses and big family homes in Melbourne, Victoria. This massive system can save thousands for consumers each year in energy bills.

Do you really need a 10 kw system?

  • Whether or not you need a 10kW solar system will depend on many things like energy bill, electricity usage during daylight hours, orientation of your roof etc.
  • Our consultant will help you to understand your power consumption and usage better and will provide you with the best possible solution. Making sure you have an in depth understanding of what you can expect the system to produce on an average day. Feel free to contact our consultants at 1300 324 776.

How much does it cost? We only sell Quality Solar power systems in Melbourne, Victoria!

  • A 10kW solar system price will vary depending upon quality of products used. Prices also vary from city to city due to logistics, taxes, quality etc.
  • A rough price for 10kW solar systems is around from $9999 to $15999 in Melbourne, Victoria. However, we can determine the final price by taking into consideration the size of your roof and everything that could possibly complicate the installation. Cheaper systems are available in market, but don’t forget “price is a good indication of quality of product”.
  • At Fair Value Solar we’re driven by product quality and results, so rest assured if you buy a solar system from Fair Value Solar, it’s one of the world’s best solar system.
  • Regardless of the type or size of solar system you purchase from Fair Value Solar, it comes with a standard warranty. That’s way, you are protected if things goes wrong. All of our 10kW solar systems come with a full warranty and Australian based support.

How many panels does 10kw solar system have?

  • A 10kW system has 40 solar panels – a great choice for a big families and small businesses. 250W panels are about 1.6m by 1m in size, so you will need at least 66m2 of roof space.

How much power does 10kw system generate?

  • On average, a 10kW solar system generates 44 units per day (13,000kWhs each year).
  • But the amount your 10kW solar system will generate depends on how much sun your location receives, as well as system positioning. Your 10kw solar system will generate less power in winter than in summer, and sunnier locations will obviously produce greater benefits.
  • That’s why it’s really important that your system is positioned to receive the optimal amount of sunshine, with as little shade as possible. Our fully trained installers will ensure your 10kW solar system’s perfectly positioned, ready to absorb as much sun as possible, all year-round.
  • As we mentioned earlier, quality is a really big deal for Fair Value solar and its customers. Purchasing the best quality solar panels and inverters you can afford means your system will operate more efficiently, giving you the best return on your investment.

How long before a 10 kW solar system pays for itself?

  • It totally depends on many factors such as price you paid for 10 kW solar system installation, panels array orientation, your usage patterns and weather off course.
  • Solar owners can reimburse their investment in 4-6 years considering they have installed panels in optimum direction.

Returns on investment on 10kW solar panel system

  • Each house is different. Our installers need to customize the installation according to roof size and roof type. 10kW solar power system can save approx. $4,000 every year.
  • Working out which solar system’s right for your needs can be difficult, and there are lots of options to choose from. That’s why we’re here to help you. Give us a call on 1300 324 776 today to discuss your options and requirements – we’re sure to have a solar system that’s right for your household, lifestyle and your budget.

Special installation offers – 10kW solar panel system Melbourne, Victoria

  • 40x 250 W Panels.
  • 10 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 66 m2 roof space required
  • 25-years performance warranty on solar panels.
  • 5-years standard warranty on inverters. Extended warranty available on selected inverters.
  • Full installation by CEC accredited electricians.
  • 10-years workmanship warranty available.


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