Fair Value Solar is an Australian Owned Solar Company and we aim to provide our customers with exceptional Solar Solutions for residential, retail or commercial purposes. Our Solar panels come with a 25-years performance warranty and our on-site installations are covered with 10-years workmanship warranty.

Fair Value Solar believes that energy should be provided not only in agreement with the necessities of people, but also with those of the environment. We are building a sustainable future through renewable energy solutions and reducing the energy costs.

Solar Energy:

  • The sun offers free energy so why not use it.
  • Solar is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Technology has made solar panel units less expensive and more cost efficient.
  • Electricity prices are expected to continue to rise consequently making solar more affordable.

Need a High Efficiency Solar Power System?

You want to have solar systems guaranteed and fitted by trained professionals. At Fair Value Solar, we use quality products and all staff are trained, qualified professionals and one of the best in solar industry. Contact us today on 1300 324 776(1300 FAIRSOLAR) to discuss it further.


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